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Handmade spagyric liquors 

Discover non history and my passion for creating unique spagyric liquors. I use fresh and naturally dried Caribbean plants and roots to produce the highest quality liqueurs. Let us take you on a journey through the authentic flavors of the West Indies...

Microcosm and Macrocosm:

Man is both body, soul and spirit, and it is this triple everything that allows him to move, and this movement is life.

The body, like our planet, is the most magnificent of living organisms and it is our responsibility to care for it and protect the fundamental rhythms of its inner alchemy.

The alchemist is the student of life who seeks to understand, shape and evolve by obeying the universal laws internalized in his personal secret fire, his inner physician.

This practice, through therapeutic alchemy, reveals the archetype of the free man, reconciling him with the intimate powers of his secret heart.

This art involves the natural extraction of pure essence from mixed substances.In other words, the process must be applied by an artist who fully understands the laws of nature. To do this, and it is imperative, he must communicate with him and respect and love him.


“Spao”: separate, divide, and “Agheiro”: connect, unite

Liqueur made from 100% agricultural rum, according to spagyric processes to create a liqueur or strictly speaking a vegetable elixir with Caribbean aromatic and medicinal plants. Spagyria comes from the Greek words «spao»: separate, divide, and «agheiro»: connect, unite. Spagyric practices are the result of a combination of principles and practices of ancient Egypt and our alchemical tradition, illustrated by one of the greatest representatives of history, Paracelsus, physician, philosopher, alchemist of the 15th century. . Spagyria preserves the vibratory footprint of the living, creating a link between microcosm and macrocosm.

Salt, the body, is a materialization of the dry that is in fire and earth.

Mercury, the soul, materializes through the humidity which is «in the air and in the water».

Sulfur, the spirit, is materialized by the heat which is «in the fire and in the air».

These three constituent principles are found in water and ordinary soil, which are its matrix, support and foundation. Fermentation or fertilization takes place in soil and water.

4 elements


Fire is becoming: it gives spontaneous impulses, it is the dynamic principle, it produces movement by its action; the innate soul is in it.


The air moderates the intensity of the fire, coordinates the movements, measures the action. It fertilizes the land and water that caused the decomposition generations ago.


Water evaporated by fire also falls back onto the earth, absorbing and corroding bacteria from the fertilized air and stimulated by fire. The action of water in the air causes the decomposition of the earth.


The earth receives the vitality of fire through drought, and the fertility of air through water, which produces the decomposition of the matrix. The earth is a vessel for fertilized bacteria.

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