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CERHUM'26 invites you to discover the art of making spagyric liqueurs based on plants and roots from the Antilles.


Plant elixir
with West Indian plants

“We must cultivate our own gardens”

CERHUM'26 invites you to discover the art of making spagyric liqueurs based on plants and roots from the Antilles. We use fresh botanicals and natural roots, carefully harvested, to create one-of-a-kind liqueurs, delivering an exceptional taste experience with every sip.


The 26 plants and roots used in the composition of our liqueur include moringa, papaya, soursop, pineapple,

turmeric, tamarind, hibiscus,

basil, lime, cinnamon, orange,

peppermint, eucalyptus, ginger...

The combination of these plants expresses warm and sweet, bitter and tangy, fresh and spicy flavors.

The ideal tasting at the end of a meal:

2.5 cl - Tasting glass - 1 to 2 ice cubes.

Subtle use:

1/2 teaspoon in a large glass of water.

Mon Histoire

My name is
Jean-Baptiste Barre

My professional journey has been as varied as it is captivating. I began my career as a sommelier, passionate about the art of combining flavors and aromas. My love for local products naturally led me to become a private chef, working for famous personalities in search of refined and original dishes. ​


However, my real revelation occurred when I discovered agroecology, an approach respectful of nature and its balance. Inspired by renowned actors in Spagy Therapy, I decided to put my skills to the service of creating a unique and atypical liqueur. ​


Made from plant extracts found in the West Indian environment, this liqueur aims to be a true Plant Elixir, a subtle beverage capable of interacting with our subtle world. Each ingredient is chosen with care, each stage of production is carefully orchestrated to guarantee an exceptional result. ​


Today, I am proud to be able to offer this liqueur to customers looking for new sensory and spiritual experiences. My professional journey has led me on unexpected paths, but it is in agroecology and the creation of this extraordinary liqueur that I now find my greatest satisfaction.


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